Ellen Stoloff Physical Therapy, LLC is a privately owned home care physical therapy practice in Essex County, NJ catering to a geriatric population in the privacy and comfort of the patient's home. We treat patients who elect to have physical therapy at home rather than in an outpatient clinic.  This type of therapy has many benefits- privacy, comfort, and one-on-one care with a licensed physical therapist.

Ellen is a licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy, trained at the highly esteemed NYU Rusk Institute of Rehabilitation in New York City. Ellen has years of experience treating the geriatric population in the home setting.  

Not all home care physical therapists in Essex County, NJ are created equal. Our home care physical therapy approach is patient-focused.  If you miss the old ways of healthcare, you have found the home care physical therapy team for you or your loved one. What separates us from any other home care agencies or practices in Essex County, NJ is our traditional approach to rehabilitation; nothing galvanizes a patient more than a warm, professional, motivating bedside manner.  We commit ourselves to understanding every patient's challenges and goals, and then implement unparalleled quality care with a belief that every patient has the capacity for change and improvement.  We like to compare the quality of our service to a boutique, concierge-like practice. 

Contact us at 917-270-4661, or click here.